Ayurvedic prescriptions deal with all kinds of sex problems

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Ayurveda has hidden many mysterious secrets which are effective for sex, beauty and strength for all three. Here are the secrets we are presenting here for you.
125-125 grams of roasted sugar, china gum and acacia gum, 500 grams of sugar and 250 grams of ghee. First make the powder by roasting both glues. After this, add sugar in the sugar and add all the ingredients in it and prepare the pakas. It consumes 25-30 grams of milk daily with milk, and the complaint of premature ejaculation is resolved.
It is also beneficial in women’s sexual ailments. It is beneficial to develop uterine weakness, frequent miscarriage, making irrigated flour pudding in the disease and making it a roasting flour of Khunghda flour.

To increase the sexual power, take 10-10 grams of cowpea powder, white muesli, rhythm, ashwagandha powder in equal amounts and take it with cold milk.
Mix 5 grams of mustard powder with ghee and drink the cow or goat’s milk from above. It eliminates sexual disorders.

Take one-and-a-half-kilogram water powder and a half-gram powder of Asoka bark and mix both together in the morning and evening with butter and sugar candy. This results in the relieving of pain in the sexual relationship.
If there is a weakness in the body due to anemia or sexual impairment, then take a cup of spinach juice, a cup of carrot juice, half a cup of beetroot juice and half cup of apple juice mixed together all three times a day. This will remove all your complaints. Regularly take this for at least 21 days.

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