By adopting these Greek prescriptions you can also delay the sex

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Due to lack of sex capacity, it is called ‘Jofbah’. On Jofbah, man’s desire to intercourse in the mind produces, but there is a lack of stress in his penis. When it comes to sensation in her penis, she tries to make sexual intercourse with the woman, but her semen goes out before making a relationship with the woman. Even people suffering from this disease also get frightened by going to a woman. Vibration starts to grow in their hands and feet. Sweat exits more than the body and their heartbeats start growing rapidly. To avoid this disease, some Greek can do the medicine.

Cow’s milk: – 250 gms of cow milk, boil 2 cups of Habba Amber Momian. Drink milk when the milk is cool. Then use 40 grams of electricity after this. They should take it in the evening. By using it every day, Jopbah’s disease is endowed due to any reason.

Acacia: – Acacia grams 10 grams, real Momiamian 30 grams and 40 grams of sugar candy – grind them all into granular grind with rose extracts. After drying it, make small puffs like peas. Regularly a tablet should be mixed with Maule Asl or Mauleham. Due to its daily use, Jofbah is removed due to any reason.

Carrot seeds: – Carrot seeds 3 grams, 6 grams of Biswas, 6 grams of uradgarki, cloves 3 grams, 2 grams of fatty seeds and 1 kg of oregano – combine them all with different fine crude. Then mix this powder well in half a kilo of honey and keep it well. Drink one and a spoonful of chutney in the morning and evening and drink milk too. Due to its daily use, diseases like Jofbah end soon.

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