If you are upset with the ghumrias then take these home tips

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Grief is a common problem in summer days. It is most common on the neck, abdomen and back and it causes itching and irritation. In the summer, to avoid rubbish, eat more and more raw onions in the diet, as there is no heat onion protection. Ayurveda doctor Devendra Gupta told that some other household remedies also go away.
Cucumber has the powerful properties of keeping the body cool. Squeeze lemon juice into a glass of water and cut into thin slices of cucumber in this water. After that, find these pieces in the place of pride.
The common mass is extremely effective in cooling the body’s heat. After roasting raw mangoes in a low flame, coagulating the pulp on the body, the faintness goes away.
Multani soil
Multani soil cleanses the burning of ghamuri and it also removes itching. For this, mix the rose water in the 5 spoons Multani clay and make the coating and apply this paste on the Ghamori once a day.
Applying the available ice in the house at the gloomy place gives comfort.
Giving coconut oil in coconut oil mixing the whole body, the humming goes away.
Azadirachta indica
To avoid the fog, neem leaves should be boiled in water to 22ana. This will remove the ghumrias.
The grit is removed by grinding basil wood and applying its powder on the gourd.
Grief is removed from massage in the morning and evening, with two spoonful of mustard oil, two teaspoons of water.

Note: On the information given in this graph, we do not claim that these are completely true and accurate and that adoption will yield higher results. Prior to adopting them, consult the expert in the relevant field.

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