Is swelling in the body? So, know about 3 serious reasons and 5 home

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remedies Having swelling in any part of the body can be an indicator of some problem. So keep an eye on the activities of the body and try to know the cause of swelling. There are also things like fever or thirst, sometimes with swelling, it is important to pay attention to it. Although inflammation is not a disease, but it does point to the disease. Swelling in different parts of the body shows different health problems. As the hands of the face may cause the disease with swelling on the legs. Swelling on the thighs and hands reflects problems of the heart while there may be an abdominal swelling lever related problem. Generally women may also have swelling on the body due to menstruation, which, according to time, is reduced automatically. Home remedies prove effective in reducing inflammation. Know some similar home remedies that will help reduce swelling – Drinking 1 hot or lukewarm milk with turmeric will help relieve swelling soon. Put salt in hot water and stir it with this water. Use cloth to foil. Grind 3 cumin seeds and sugar in equal amounts and eat it 3 times a day. 4 Drying of dates also benefits the inflammation. Eat five grams of ninth with old jaggery and mix it with a little jaggery. Will benefit.

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