Make Ayurvedic medicines in the house, drive away 80 dishes

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Even if you are not sure, but using only one drug you can avoid 80 types of Vata Diseases. Yes, by consuming this medicine, you can get rid of the difficult and difficult diseases completely. If you also have a disease, then first know about this miraculous drug and its method …

Method: Peel the garlic with 200 grams and grind it. Now add garlic and 50 grams of cow ghee in about 4 liters of milk, boil until thickened. Then 400 grams of sugar candy, 400 gms of cow’s ghee and saunth, black pepper, peeper, cinnamon, cardamom, tarpataram, Nagakeshar, peepmalum, vividing, oregano, cloves, tamar, painter, turmeric, darumaldi, pushkarumul, rasana, devasna, Shake the powder of God, PS, Buckoo, Ashwagandha, Sonawari, Vidara, Neem, Sua and Kocha seeds, on a slow flame, with every 3-3 grams. When the mixture starts to drop ghee and becomes thick mawa, then cool it down and keep it in a glass bowl.

Experiment: Take 10 to 20 grams of this medicine daily, with cow’s milk in the morning (if the purification power is good, can take it again in the evening.) But keep in mind, if you are consuming it, then the radish, more oil in the food Do not eat ghee and sour foods and use lukewarm water for bathing and drinking.

It causes paralysis, paralysis, arthritis, pain of the neck, neck pain, osteoporosis (fracture) and other osteoporosis, cataracts, joint pain, spondylosis and asthma, chronic cough . , Numbness or tightness in the hands, constipation etc, 80 calves are beneficial in diseases and physical development occurs.
Before using the drug, be sure to consult the best doctor according to your nature

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